Hirado Castle Hands-on Historical “Amuseum”
(Amusement x Museum)

Hirado Castle: Watching the world beyond the sea.
AMUSE yourself with the remarkably realistic displays as you learn about the rich history of Hirado, immersing yourself in the castle of long ago through the MUSEUM’s exhibitions.
Experience the charm, wonders and delights of Hirado Castle.

Hirado Castle Main Tower
2nd Floor

A castle that floats above the sea

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the “Gateway to the West,” a place that was the focus of many in centuries long past.
Panoramic views bring the exotic feel of historic Hirado to life on the big screen.
Also on display are drawings of the Kanto-no-Tachi sword (an Important Cultural Asset) and various European articles from when the port was operating as a trading post.

The beauty of Hirado Castle

Enjoy panoramic views of historic Hirado in the four seasons.

This katana tells a story

Kanto-no-Tachi: This ancient sword is an Important Cultural Asset.

European Culture in Hirado

Displays of European artifacts, as well as “Hidden Christian” relics.

Historical landmarks around Hirado Castle

Presents the historic remains in Kameoka Park, as well as the turrets, ramparts, and stone walls of Hirado Castle.

Hirado Castle Main Tower
3rd Floor

Lord Matsura and the construction of the castle

Watch the video detailing the construction of the castle, started by the Shigenobus of the Matsura family (26th and 29th heads of the Matsura clan).
There are also interactive exhibits, such as a stone wall and loopholes, and a picture scroll depicting the history of Hirado.

Dramatic Theatre: Both Shigenobu Matsura’s tell the story of the castle

Learn about the 26th and 29th heads of the Matsura clan, and the role they played in the construction of Hirado Castle.

Hirado History Emaki

Discover through this monumental picture scroll how Hirado helped shape the history of Japan.

Stone Wall Puzzle

See if you can replicate the work of masons from long-ago and complete the wall (a replica of a section from the main entrance).

Loophole Spying

Take a peek through the loopholes of Hirado Castle. What can you see?

Otomiya-Shingo Yoroi

Samurai armor worn by Hiromu, 35th head of the Matsura clan.
(Property of Kameoka Shrine.)

Circa 1810 Maquette of Hirado Castle

Includes all turrets, ramparts and stone walls surrounding Hirado Castle. (Property of the Matsura Historical Museum.)

Shachigawara and Matsura Family Crest

Left: A ridge-end tile from the time of the 1718 rebuild with the figure of a Shachihoko, a fabled fish with a tigerlike head, dragonlike sharp scales along the back, and an arched tail that points skyward.
Right: The Matsura family crest, which bears a paper mulberry leaf.

Hirado Castle Main Tower

The many endeavors of the samurai
The many endeavours of the samurai

In this activity section, people of all ages can have fun answering a history quiz with a sword and writing Japanese words on a screen with a brush.

Interactive Calligraphy Experience

Enjoy electronic calligraphy on a big screen.

Answer the questions using the Katana!
Slash & Answer Hirado Quiz

In this history quiz you use a toy sword to answer history questions about Hirado. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

Katana and Short Sword made by Doi Shinryo

A katana and short sword made by Doi Shinryo, the master swordsmith from Hirado. Left: Made by Shinryo III in 1753. Right: Made by Shinryo I in 1685.

Hirado Castle Main Tower
5th Floor

A timeless view from an enduring castle

Enjoy the magnificent 360-degree views from the castle that stands overlooking Hirado Strait and the sea beyond. You can take a photo of yourself standing on the highest floor of the keep using a remote-controlled camera.

Be the lord of Hirado!

Use this system and a mobile device such as a smartphone to take an impressive photo of yourself standing in front of the keep. Take the photo data home as a special memento of your visit to Hirado Castle.

Sumie in the Keep

Sumie-style pictures depicting the view from the top floor decorate this space. You can also take in sweeping 360-degree views of Hirado Strait and the surrounding area.

Kensō Watchtower

Exhibition Lounge

Provides exceptional views of Hirado and features Dutch items from days gone by.

Kensō Watchtower

Rest Area

Take a break to enjoy old Dutch paintings from the Age of Discovery and the views over the Hirado Strait.